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What 50000 Swedish twins can teach us about education and longevity

(Vox) Studies consistently find that people with more education tend to live longer. But scientists aren’t exactly sure why…
There’s another hypothesis for why school may yield longer lives. It’s that education builds “human capital,” or a systematic way of thinking that benefits every decision. Those tiny good decisions add up to a protective factor that helps you live longer.
“Education is likely to provide general human capital that can be used to maintain and improve health in a wide range of circumstances,” David Cutler, Angus Deaton, and Adriana Lleras-Muney — Harvard and Princeton economists — write in a 2006 paper… This human capital, they say, will aid long-term survival “whenever there exists a mechanism or technology that more knowledgeable and educated people can use to improve their health.”
A new study from researchers in Sweden adds compelling evidence to the human capital argument.
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