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We Finally Know How Birds Sleep During Flight Without Dying

(Gizmodo) Owing to some horrendously long flight times, scientists have speculated that certain birds are capable of sleep during flight. A remarkable new experiment by an international team of researchers has now proven this to be true, showing that birds can catch a snooze while hitching a ride on rising air currents.
In a new paper…, Niels Rattenborg from the Max Planck Institute and colleagues from several other institutions have offered the first proof showing that flying birds can sleep with either one half of their brains active, or with both hemispheres shut down at the same time. Remarkably, these birds can retain their navigational ability while in REM sleep, which involves temporary loss of muscle tone.
Community: Ducks do something similar when they sleep. They sleep in a gaggle, floating on the water, and they take turns rotating to the outer perimeter. The ones on the perimeter sleep with one eye open to watch for danger.
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