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Treating diabetes app, software gain international acclaim

(University of Virginia) Like many good ideas, the idea behind Ed Deng's diabetes management app began at home.
The University of Virginia alumnus, who graduated in 2000 and now lives in Taiwan, has watched his parents and grandparents painstakingly navigate the daily challenges that come with Type II diabetes, knowing that he, too, is at risk for the disease. He saw firsthand how important it is for patients to track their illness throughout each day and how cumbersome and inefficient that monitoring process could be…
"I realized that a cloud-based solution, along with a mobile app, could help alleviate that shortage and provide more real-time feedback that patients are lacking."
Deng was well-equipped to create that solution. Growing up in a family of physicians – his father and brother each attended UVA's School of Medicine – he was familiar with the medical industry. His own studies at UVA's McIntire School of Commerce led to a career in Lehman Brothers' Silicon Valley office, where he was involved with several companies developing mobile technology.
In 2013, he used those skills to found H2 Inc. and launch a free Health2Sync mobile app for diabetes management…
"Patients are telling us that the app has really helped them lower and control their blood sugar, understand why their data trends a certain way and decrease incidents," Deng said. "Hearing that has just been awesome."
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