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Take the stairs: It's an easy way to exercise both body and mind

(NJ.com) You can exercise accidentally by taking the stairs.
Or you can do it on purpose.
Either way, climbing stairs is not only an easy, cost-free and invigorating form of exercise, studies show it can make your brain younger and add years to your life.
For every flight of stairs you go up or down regularly, you reduce your brain age by half a year, according to a new study led by research scientist Jason Steffener of Concordia University in Montreal.
Steffener notes some companies have fitness programs that encourage employees to take the stairs at work. He hopes his findings will motivate more people to do the same in their daily lives — particularly those of us who are reaching an age where we've become more concerned about brain health and the threat of dementia.
"This study shows that these campaigns should be expanded for older adults, so that they can work to keep their brains young," he said. "This is encouraging because it demonstrates that a simple thing like climbing stairs has great potential as an intervention tool to promote brain health."
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