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Successful Aging: Why exercising has been proven to pay off in the long run

(LA Daily News) We all know stories about individuals who smoked, drank a lot, never exercised and lived into their 90s. In general, these folks are the exceptions based on many studies of long-lived people.
Here are just three reasons to support the notion that exercise can make a difference.
Keep the Telomeres Long
Telomeres are caps at the end of chromosomes that protect our genetic data; they are similar to the plastic tip at the end of a shoelace preventing the shoelace from unraveling… With age, they shorten and fray; recent science suggests that exercise may slow that fraying process.
Use It or Lose It
Physical inactivity causes the loss of muscle tissue at the rate of 3 to 5 percent each decade after the age of 30… The good news is that we can build lean muscle tissue at any age. And getting stronger requires strength-building exercise.
Reduce Risk of Developing Diseases and Disability
The National Institute on Aging suggests that with age, regular exercise and physical activity can reduce the risk of developing some diseases such as heart disease, certain types of cancer and diabetes, as well as reducing risks of disability. Exercise also can be an effective treatment for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis or having problems with balance.
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