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People Hospitalized For Infection At Increased Risk Of Dying From Suicide

(Tech Times) Individuals who are hospitalized with infection may have increased risk for suicide death, findings of a new study … suggest. Researchers also found that the highest risk of suicide was in those with HIV or AIDS and hepatitis.
Helene Lund-Sørensen, from the Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark, and colleagues looked at the link between infectious diseases and the risk of suicide death using the data of more than 7.2 million individuals aged 15 years or older.
Of the subjects, 11.2 percent were hospitalized with infection, such as HIV, hepatitis or infection of the digestive system, skin, blood or lungs. Over the course of the study, nearly 32,700 of these people died of suicide and nearly a quarter of these had been hospitalized for infection.
The results suggest that those who were hospitalized with infection have 42 percent increased risk for suicide death than those without infection. The researchers also found that the risk of suicide is higher in those with more infections and who went through longer treatment.
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