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Four Freedoms That Will Define the Future of Aging

(Next Avenue) [T]here are Four Freedoms of Aging that will define the future of aging, inspire us to challenge old beliefs and stereotypes and spark new solutions for living and aging in America.
No. 1: Freedom to Choose
If you want to follow a traditional path to retirement, you should be able to do that. If you want an active, engaged life, you should have options to pursue that as well…
No. 2: Freedom to Earn
Many of us want or need to continue earning a living and are searching for ways to make a difference in society through the work we do. This requires reimagining work and breaking down social and institutional barriers that stand in the way.
No. 3: Freedom to Learn
If we want to stay engaged, involved and productive during our extended middle age and beyond, we need to keep learning.
No. 4: Freedom to Pursue Happiness
No longer burdened by many of the day-to-day stresses that consumed our lives as we were advancing our careers and raising our kids, many of us are using our extended middle age to turn inward and focus on finding and fulfilling our purpose in life. We have the power to reimagine our lives and change course if we choose.
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