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Food gardens offer healthy rewards beyond nutrition

(KSL.com) The perks of gardening go beyond a beautiful yard or community park. This simple activity has a variety of healthy rewards.
Food gardens, in particular, are not only sources of fresh and delicious produce; their harvest includes the possibility of improved eating habits and enjoyable physical activity. In addition, sharing a garden with family, friends or the community can provide social and mental benefits...
For physical activity, light digging, planting, mulching and weeding all count toward the type of moderate-intensity physical activity recommended for health...
In urban areas, community gardens can help increase the availability and intake of fruits and vegetables for individuals by offering affordable and convenient access to fresh produce. In one recent study, adults with a household member who participated in a community garden consumed fruits and vegetables more often than those who did not participate. They were also more likely to consume fruits and vegetables at least five times a day.
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