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Can a B Vitamin Reverse Deterioration in Aging Muscles?

(Newsmax) Increasing levels of a compound called NAD may be the key to reversing the natural decay in muscles associated with aging, says a study from the University of Pennsylvania. Some athletes are already taking supplements to increase synthesis of this compound with hopes of reversing the decay linked with aging of cells' powerhouses called the mitochondria.
Joseph Baur, Ph.D. and colleagues examined the role of NAD precursor molecules on mitochondria by disrupting the "NAD salvage pathway" in the skeletal muscle of mice…
[T]he team tested a dietary NAD precursor to see if it might affect the muscles. The muscle decline was completely reversed by feeding the mice a form of vitamin B3, called nicotinamide riboside.
"It appears that a relatively small enhancement in muscle NAD can have profound functional consequences in this setting," said lead author David W. Frederick, Ph.D.
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