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Wide disparity in health, longevity within just a few miles in New Jersey

(Newsworks.org) If you live in parts of well-to-do Princeton, New Jersey, there's a good chance you'll live to age 87. But just down the road, for some residents of Trenton--where poverty is widespread--the life expectancy is as low as 71…
“What the maps show is there’s a limit to what can be done locally,” said Marty Johnson, CEO of Isles, Inc., an urban community development group…
The city has added opportunities for outdoor exercise and nutritious food, and [Samuel Frisby, CEO of the Trenton YMCA,] said those neighborhood changes could — someday — improve health across the community...
Derek Chapman, associate director for research at Virginia Commonwealth University's Center on Society and Health, said there's a new focus on the health benefits of community-wide improvements.
“I think the conversation in the past has centered almost entirely on access to medical care and individual risk behaviors like diet and exercise and smoking and that sort of thing," Chapman said.
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