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Transplant frees Syracuse man from diabetes 'prison'

(Syracuse.com) For Patrick Nolan, getting a pancreas transplant means ending a 41-year routine of checking his blood sugar and injecting insulin four to six times daily to control type 1 diabetes.
Nolan, 52, of Syracuse, received a pancreas transplant June 30 at Upstate University Hospital.
"I am an old dog learning some new tricks," Nolan said. "Now I can go to a convenience store, have a candy bar and not have to worry about it."…
A pancreas transplant cures diabetes and frees patients from a "miserable lifestyle," said Dr. Mark Laftavi, Nolan's surgeon.
"Suddenly you are out of this prison that's held you for years and years," he said.
A new pancreas also stops and in some instances reverses the complications caused by diabetes, he said.
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