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Study finds contagious cancers can spread among several species of shellfish

(Fox News Health) A new study suggests direct transmission of cancer among some marine animals may be more common than once thought, as research revealed that contagious cancer cells among several species of bivalves, including mussels and clams, spread from animal to animal through sea water
Researchers examined the DNA of cancers and normal tissue from mussels, cockles and golden carpet shell clams found in waters off the coast of Canada and Spain, according to the news release. The analysis revealed that the cancers were caused by independent clones of cancer cells that were genetically distinct from their hosts. In the carpet shell clam, the infectious cancer cells came from a related by distinct species, a result of cross-species transmission.
“Now that we have observed the spread of cancer among several marine species, our future research will investigate the mutations that are responsible for these cancer cell transmissions,” [Dr. Stephen] Goff said.
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