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Socializing while you exercise beats working out alone for brain sharpness

(NJ.com) Studies have shown regular exercise is one of the best ways to prevent dementia. Strong social connections also can help keep your brain sharp. However, a study of Japanese sports clubs found that if you want the greatest benefit, you should mix the two. It turns out that socializing while you sweat is far better for your brain than working out alone.
The study followed more than 11,000 Japanese adults over the age of 64, dividing them into those who:
·         Went to sports clubs to work out.
·         Went to sports clubs to socialize, but didn't exercise.
·         Worked out at home.
·         Stayed home and didn't exercise at all.
Researchers wanted to know whether there's an additional benefit from working out with other people. As far as they could tell, that had never been studied. What they found out surprised them.
Four years later, the first group, made up of people who went to sports clubs regularly to exercise, showed the least decline in physical health and cognitive ability.
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