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Plant-Derived Compounds Have Potent Anti-Inflammatory Effects

(Wiley) New research reveals that two specific plant-derived compounds [from the spices sage and rosemary] may be effective for fighting inflammation and pain...
Diterpenoids are found in certain plants, fungi, and marine organisms, and two in particular -- carnosol (CS) and carnosic acid (CA) -- are known to interfere with multiple pathways in the human body associated with inflammation and pain.
A team ... investigated the effects of these natural products in their pure form in inflammatory pain through research involving human cells and mice. The researchers found that the diterpenoids inhibited two enzymes involved in inflammation, fever, and pain. Overexpression of one of these enzymes has been observed in several inflammatory disorders as well as in many human tumors; the second enzyme is also a major player in inflammation and other immune-related processes in the body.
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