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Heart health via nutrition

(Chicago Sun-Times) [Interview with Dr. Stephen Devries:] In my practice at Northwestern and, previous to that, running the University of Illinois at Chicago’s outpatient heart center and cardiac ultrasound lab for over 15 years, I saw very successful business people. They often came to me to prevent a recurrence after a cardiac crisis. I encouraged them to monitor their health with the same rigor they brought to their businesses.
When they did, magic happened. I saw them realize they were not invulnerable, and they began to lose weight, start exercising and start to take charge of their health.
I also saw their blood pressure and blood-sugar levels go down and saw them reduce or completely get off medication…
Small changes can make a very powerful difference. Walking for 30 minutes after a meal — even at a leisurely pace of 1.2 miles per hour — can cut the amount of sugar absorbed by 50 percent. Similarly, even small dietary changes yield substantial health improvements.
But there is no one best diet. There are many ways to eat healthy. I encourage a focus on well-accepted dietary principles — including cutting out sodas, adding a veggie to every meal and replacing meat with fish or a vegetable source of protein.
It’s important to have people realize that every incremental step is incredibly important.
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