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Despite Legalization, Physician-Assisted Deaths Did Not Increase In the US

(Tech Times) In [a] new study, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that in places where doctor-assisted deaths are legal, the practice still remains rare…
The study found that doctor-assisted deaths were mostly confined to patients diagnosed with cancer who are well-educated, white and wealthy.
In fact, the vast majority of dying patients do not "even think about" physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia, says Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a bioethicist and the lead author of the report. He says it appears that doctors remain less supportive of the practice than the general population.
Furthermore, the report found that worries that doctors will be swamped with requests for physician-assisted suicide are unfounded.
Less than 20 percent of doctors in the United States say they have been asked to assist in physician-assisted death or euthanasia, the study found. Only 5 percent agreed.
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