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Cell Research Could Help With Heart Tissue Transplants

(University of British Columbia Okanagan campus) A new technique developed by a UBC researcher could make tissue regeneration cheaper and safer for health-care systems and their patients.
A study, conducted by UBC researcher Keekyoung Kim while at Harvard University, has identified new ways in which proteins and various biological molecules--known as growth factors--can work together to turn cells on the surface into cells that form the middle layer of the heart valve.
"Science has long been working towards ways to minimize or eliminate the rejection risks faced by tissue transplant patient," says Keekyoung Kim, assistant professor of engineering at UBC's Okanagan campus. "While the goal of using a patient's own genetic material to grow a body tissue is still a long way off, this study has moved us further towards that goal.
"This new technique essentially allows us to use less material to study heart-valve regeneration process more quickly and at a lower cost."
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