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Aging isn't for sissies

(Bert Keller, a retired minister, and Bill Simpson, a retired physician) It takes a lot of fortitude to put up with all the things our bodies start doing to us when we get up in years. And that’s right, it sure does. Definitely not for sissies.
But there is an altogether different way of hearing “not for sissies.” Try hearing it this way:
It’s not for sissies to give up success-achieving goals that drove us during our working years but aren’t appropriate now.
It’s not for sissies to grasp a vision for both ourselves and our community connected to the values of the inner life, values that stress being over doing, living in harmony over competing, deeper understanding of people we relate to instead of labeling and respect and love for the Earth instead of production.
Mature values and qualities of character, in our society, do not come easy.
Aging on these terms takes real courage because it requires personal change in ways that are out of step with forces driving our society. Growing older “ain’t for sissies.” It takes gumption to make changes that far-reaching.
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