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A healthy lifestyle can hold back the aging process

(Dr. Ray Innis, Healthy Living columnist) Premature aging and disability are largely the result of lifestyle factors, such as smoking, excessive alcohol use, caffeine consumption, and drug abuse. Being overweight accelerates sexual and physical decline. A lifestyle of rich, refined foods and deficient in regular exercise can make people old before their time. Imagine yourself at 90 years of age, if you think you will get there. Will you be active? Will you be walking with your great grandchildren? Celebrating life with family and friends? Or will you be isolated and sick?
Here is the good news. Research shows that a healthy lifestyle can hold back the aging process by as much as 30 years. Today is a good time to be alive! Productive social activities are pushing back the aging process. So are exercise, a better understanding of the role of diet, earlier attention to health problems, and advances in modern technology. Today, people are staying fit into their 80s and 90s. Many remain sexually active…
[I]t is possible for anyone with a healthy lifestyle, worthwhile goals, and a positive mental attitude, to enjoy life well into their golden years.
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