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5 foods to keep you moving as you age

(Mother Nature Network) Want to stay mobile as you get older? Who doesn't, right? A new study details how you can keep that spring in your step, and it boils down to eating five healthy foods, as part of a healthy diet, on a regular basis
[Researchers Francine] Grodstein and [Kaitlin] Hagan found that the women who ate healthier diets had fewer mobility issues than their junk food-eating peers. In particular, the researchers noted that women who ate lots of fruits and veggies while limiting their consumption of alcohol, sugar-sweetened beverages, trans-fats and salt had a lower risk for developing physical impairments than the women with less healthy diets.
The team also found five foods that were strongly linked with better mobility:
·         Oranges/Orange juice
·         Pears
·         Apples
·         Walnuts
·         Romaine or leaf lettuce
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