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Study Finds Existence of Protein in Blood Can Be Early Predictor of Kidney Disease

(Mayo Clinic) For the first time, [a new] study identified the presence of a specific protein in the blood used to look for heart damage. This protein can be an early indicator of end-stage renal disease -- and ultimately death -- in people with hypertension, regardless of race or baseline kidney function…
"Early intervention and treatment can be key to stopping kidney disease progression and, potentially, preventable death events," says [lead author LaTonya Hickson, M.D.]. "This study demonstrates for physicians everywhere that we are getting closer toaccurately predicting future disease and death by examining this one marker. This is important, because, as with many diseases, accurate, early detection means we can more quickly recognize and efficiently treat the disease before it fully manifests -- potentially improving a patient's quality and quantity of life."
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