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Researchers Investigate if Woman Can Smell Parkinson's Disease

(ABC News) Researchers from the UK-based Parkinson's Foundation are hoping that one woman's powerful sense of smell will help them find a breakthrough for diagnosing patients with Parkinson's disease…
In an early pilot study with 24 people, Joy Milne was able to discern who had the disease and who did not nearly 100 percent of the time. Researchers are hoping they can definitively report that smell can be a way to diagnose the disease, according to the Parkinson's Foundation.
In a new study involving 200 subjects, researchers will look at the skin swabs of subjects for specific molecules that cause a distinctive smell. The study also includes "human detectors" who will use their noses to discern which subjects have the disease. If researchers discover a specific "biomarker" that indicates Parkinson's, it could mean helping patients get diagnosed and treated more quickly.
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