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Overcooking Starchy Foods Like Potatoes And Bread Increases The Levels Of Acrylamide, A Cancer-Causing Toxin: Study

(Medical Daily) The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA), a food safety watchdog, measured amounts of acrylamide — a cancer-causing substance — in popular UK breakfast foods and found making these foods even a little crispy could increase their levels and pose health risks. “The risk assessment indicates that at the levels we are exposed to from food, acrylamide could be increasing the risk of cancer.” said Professor Guy Poppy, the FSA’s chief scientific adviser, in a report accompanying the study…
Though it may be interpreted that the study is telling us to quit eating overcooked food, Poppy says instead we should be more mindful of how long we cook them for…
Scientists haven’t yet established safe levels of acrylamide in food, but both the FDA and FSA are looking into regulations that will set a maximum amount. Until then, hold off on the extra-cooked starchy foods and just make them a little crispy.
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