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Changing Americans' Diets Requires Efforts on Many Fronts

(MedPage Today) Physician discomfort with counseling for and treating obesity may be part of the reason that obesity costs continue to go up, Y. Claire Wang, MD, ScD, said at a briefing Thursday sponsored by Health Affairs and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
"Many physicians may be more comfortable treating obesity-related disease such as hypertension and high cholesterol than providing counseling and treating obesity," said Wang, who is associate professor of health policy and management at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, in New York City..
The researchers found that severe obesity costs state Medicaid programs almost $8 billion a year, from $5 million in Wyoming to $1.3 billion in California. "These costs are likely to increase following Medicaid expansion and enhanced coverage of weight loss therapies in the form of nutrition consultation, drug therapy, and bariatric surgery," they noted.
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