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Why Exercise?

(The People’s Pharmacy) A new study from Duke University Medical Center has just found that exercise can help alleviate depression even in people with chronic heart failure… At the end of the study year, those who had exercised had lower scores on the depression scales than those who had not. Those who had done the best job sticking to the plan got the best results. Patients with the highest depression scale scores were 20 percent more likely to be hospitalized or to die during the year, so even though the effect of exercise on depression was modest, it is important.
(MedPage Today) Physical activity can lower the risk of death among diabetic patients, and weight training may reduce risk for the disease, according to two studies.
(RealAge.com) Conventional wisdom says that ending a workout 3 hours before bedtime is early enough to let your body and mind settle in for the night. But brain scans (can't argue with those!) show that morning exercise is even better. Compared with midday or early evening workouts, hitting the pavement, the pool, or the bike around 7 a.m. will help you spend 75% more time in deep sleep and let you cycle through the four stages of sleep more often.
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