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Selenium Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer

(The People’s Pharmacy) Confusion continues about prostate cancer screening and treatment. That's why there is so much interest in prevention strategies. Some men have heard that selenium may have a protective effect. Now a meta-analysis confirms it.
The investigators analyzed 12 studies including more than 13,000 volunteers and found that as blood levels of selenium rose, the risk of prostate cancer dropped. In another three studies, toenails were used to assess selenium status. The risk of prostate cancer dropped nearly 30 percent in men with optimal toenail concentrations of the mineral.
The researchers pointed out that supplemental selenium in a man who already has sufficient selenium in his diet probably won't offer any additional protection. Too much selenium can cause toxicity, so any man who considers supplements should discuss the proper dose with a physician.
Community: The NIH’s fact sheet on selenium lists dietary sources. The cancer prevention capability may depend on the type of selenium ingested, however.
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