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How to Invest in Happiness

(Dave Bernard, Retirement–Only the Beginning) Even if you accumulate more money than you could ever spend, you won’t have an enjoyable retirement without health and happiness… Here’s how to invest in your retirement happiness:
1. Understand what makes you happy and excited about living. Call it your passion or purpose in life, but find out what it is. Once you discover what inspires and drives you, you can focus your efforts accordingly…
2. Continue to strive to be a better person… Figure out areas where there is still room for you to improve… Identify problem areas and devise a plan to fix them.
3. Keep up with your check-ups. If you are to stay in top-performing shape, you need to invest time and effort in staying healthy…
4. Set goals and work toward achieving them. It’s important to keep learning new things in retirement…
5. Stay positive… Don’t let boredom or loneliness creep into your retirement years. Take some time to relax, and then find a hobby or activity that excites you.
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