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Will Cinnamon Exacerbate Hypoglycemia?

(The Peoples Pharmacy) Q. I suffer from low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and am wondering if cinnamon would make it even worse, since it helps diabetics lower their sugar? I certainly do not want my blood glucose any lower!
A. Cinnamon has been suggested as a way for people with type 2 diabetes to help control blood sugar after a meal… We could find no studies on cinnamon lowering blood sugar in people without diabetes. A low-carb diet and frequent high-protein snacks (nuts, cheese, egg, chicken, fish) can keep blood sugar from bouncing around in people with reactive hypoglycemia.
To learn more about a healthy low-carb diet, cinnamon and other foods that can help stabilize blood sugar, we suggest The People's Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies, available in libraries and online (PeoplesPharmacy.com).
There are two kinds of cinnamon. The one that seems to have a beneficial effect on blood sugar is cassia cinnamon.
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