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Flank Steak with Cucumber-Pepperoncini Relish
Serve a simple steak dinner topped with a peppery veggie-and-cheese relish. Pepperoncini peppers are yellow, wrinkled, and slightly spicy; we use both the chopped pickled pepper and pickling liquid to flavor the crunchy relish.
Ribollita Soup
Ribollita, a traditional hearty Tuscan soup, typically uses day-old bread to add body and thicken the broth. This ribollita recipe uses a bean mash, which keeps the soup gluten-free and adds fiber. Garnish with extra-virgin olive oil or pepper and grated Parmesan.
Stephanie Witt Sedgwick, Recipes under 500 Calories, Washington Post:
Lemon-Oregano Pork Tenderloin With Lemon Jus
I like to make a thin sauce, or jus, to serve with the sliced meat. Here I use a combination of lemon juice, chicken broth and fresh oregano to complement the oregano-and-lemon rub I use on the meat. The jus provides moisture and tang that enhance the lemon-herb flavor.
Curry-Rubbed Chicken Scaloppine With Gingered Zucchini
Chicken cutlets are not only a low-fat, quick-cooking option, they're also a great vehicle for big flavors: here, curry and ginger. The curry brings spice to the chicken, and the ginger brings heat to the zucchini and sauce. The result is a delicious, full-flavored dish that tastes as good as it looks.
Potato, Pancetta and Brussel Sprout Saute
I'm determined to get more people to love Brussels sprouts. In pursuit of that goal, I've teamed them here with potatoes and pancetta. It's a terrific combination that brings character to the braised potatoes. The sprouts are shredded, which -- in addition to shortening the cooking time -- keeps them fresh-tasting and free of any association with cabbage.
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